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Our mission is to inspire hope and kindness in our communities through education, music, and mental health initiatives.

Alaina Maria Housley

Alaina Maria Housley died on November 7, 2018 when someone entered the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks California while she was line dancing and shot her, and 11 other people, taking their lives.

While her body is gone, her voice will live on.



Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.

~ Erich Fromm



Alaina was a victim in the mass shooting at Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

She lived a full but short life in Napa Valley, California before heading to Pepperdine University in the fall of 2018. Alaina was a freshmen regent scholar at Pepperdine, on the Mock Trial Team as well as heading to their Florence, Italy study abroad program for her sophomore year.

She loved to travel, listen to music, play piano, play ukulele, sing, loved musicals, loved to laugh and was such a kind soul. She was recognized by many in her home town as one that would bring students that were alone into a group of friends or just do little things to make people feel better. She was thoughtful in her actions towards others.

"Alaina's Voice Foundation was created not to immortalize her, as she will live forever in our hearts," says Arik Housley, father. He continues, "we created this foundation to make change in our society. We are broken, mental health in our country is in a downward spiral. What can a small act of kindness do on a daily basis to help one person."

The foundation believes stopping one act of senseless violence in the future may not be measurable, but it is worth saving one more life and one more family the heartache.



Music Artist Skylar Grey Writes A Song For Alaina's Voice

All proceeds earned for “Calling From The Heavens” will be donated to Alaina’s Voice Foundation.

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No one is pure evil. If you wait long enough, they will show you there good side. You can’t make them do it in a hurry, but you can be patient.

~ Randy Pausch